Farmers Must Answer Planting Intentions Survey For Accurate Reporting

Lindsay Mitchell

Feb 18, 2020  |  Today's News

Farmers have an important role to play in one of the most important surveys the USDA conducts each year, says National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) Illinois State Statistician Mark Schleusener. 


NASS will mail the planting intentions survey questionnaire in February, asking farmers to provide information about the crops they intend to plant in 2020, how many acres they intend to plant, and the amounts of grain stored on their farms. 


These surveys and the resulting reports can have big impacts on markets and 2020 crop year decisions.  For the best, most accurate information, USDA needs good, accurate information back from farmers.


Farmers can respond to the survey online or by mail.  Those who do not respond by the deadline may be contacted for a telephone or personal interview. 


Survey results will be published in the Prospective Plantings and Quarterly Grain Stocks report to be released on March 31, 2020.