Farm Readiness During this Crisis

Megan Dwyer

Apr 07, 2020  |  Today's News |  Conservation

Farm Readiness Checklist

We all know no one can learn the nuances of your farm quickly, like which tractor needs a shot of ether to get rolling regardless of temperature, but you can still have a plan in place. Being prepared can not only provide peace of mind in case something happens, but can also help reduce stress by having a plan laid out now. Take a few minutes to write out your plan and put it where it can be easily found.  Give a copy to a trusted neighbor or friend.

General Farm Information

  • Hired help contact info, primary job responsibilities
  • Typical machinery dealership/repair services used
  • Crop advisor/Farm manager name & number
  • Crop insurance agent name & number
  • Ag lender name & number

Field Plans        

  • Field Names & Locations
    • Highlight in Plat book if possible
    • Where is the field entrance, what side is best to start working from
  • Intended Crop
  • Seed Varieties, Where is Seed located, Who is your seed dealer
  • Planting rates
  • What still needs to be done? Tillage, Spring Fertilizer, Burndown
  • Who is your retailer for chemical and fertilizer?
  • Have spring chemical and nitrogen programs been finalized?

Stored Crop Plans

  • Which bins may need to be watched more closely than others
  • Do you have any upcoming delivery contacts? With who?
  • Does anyone help market your crops?

Livestock Plans

  • Still have cows to calve? Calving routine/processing procedures
  • Which pastures do you have cows at, where do cows need to go when the grass greens up?
  • Are there water needs?
  • Hay storage? Mineral and protein tubs?
  • Do you have feed brought in? Who is your supplier, are the deliveries automatic?
  • What are your rations?
  • Who is your vet?
  • Hog barn routine? Clean out procedures?
  • Who is your contact for who you grow for?
  • Where do you get your feed? Is it automatic?
  • Is there anyone you have come help for things like load out?
  • Who is your vet?

Field Planning Documents


Download a form that makes it easy for you to plan for a potential absense!