ICGA Advises Director Costello of Opportunities to Help Hurting Illinois Farmers

Lindsay Mitchell

Apr 09, 2020  |  Today's News |  ICGA |  Farm Policy

This week, the Illinois Corn Growers Association prepared and delivered a list of opportunities for the State of Illinois to invest in the agriculture industry as we face turbulent markets and extremely low prices post COVID 19.


From the letter to Illinois Director of Ag Costello:


Illinois farmers are facing two crises – the implications of COVID19 on their health and the implications of COVID19 on what is already an extended period of below-cost-of-production prices.  We know you will want to help farmers and ethanol plants remain solvent during this global crisis.  Attached are some ideas that you and Governor Pritzker’s administration could consider to provide opportunities for the agriculture industry to thrive.


The ideas ICGA provided are opportunities in invest in ethanol, livestock, and new uses for corn in Illinois.  Some are legislative initiatives, and some require budget consideration.  Some are simple letters of support from our Governor that address bigger, national challenges to corn markets. 


All would provide certainty for our markets and prices in the months and years ahead.


Read for yourself:

Letter to Director Costello

Addendum: Opportunities for Investment in Agriculture


ICGA and our farmer leaders and staff will continue the conversation with Illinois leadership and will continue work to bring farmers a more stable and profitable future.