ICGA Submits Comments on JCAR Ruling

Dan Obert

Oct 14, 2020  |  Today's News |  ICGA |  Legislation & Regulation

ICGA Submits Comments on JCAR Ruling

The Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) took comments on the anhydrous ammonia certification.

ICGA submitted comments on behalf of Illinois’ corn farmers raising issue with the lack of a published date for all certifications to be completed. Without a date, farmers are left to assume the certification must be completed as soon as possible, or before they need to apply anhydrous ammonia again. The timeframe makes it challenging for farmers given the current circumstances.

The association wants to be involved to aid in the development of the certification and qualification of instructors. Farmers will apply anhydrous ammonia again in the spring of 2021, leaving only a few months to develop the curriculum and certify an estimated 5,000 farmers and farm operators.

Based on these concerns, ICGA asked for a completion date for the initial certification to be April 1, 2022.


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