IL Corn hosts Mexican Trade Team

Collin Watters

Nov 16, 2021  |  Today's News |  ICMB |  Exports

Illinois Corn Marketing Board was excited to welcome Mexican white corn buyers from Gruma in Illinois after a halt in visits due to COVID. 


Representatives from Gruma, a global food company founded in Mexico that manufactures corn flour and tortillas, met with farmers and grain handlers to learn more about current and future white corn production in Illinois and identify potential suppliers for their mills in Mexico.  White corn exports from the US to Mexico increased 30% in marketing year 20/21 to 31 million bushels.



The group visited the IL Corn office and heard from Executive Director Rod Weinzierl, who spoke with the group about corn production and marketing in Illinois. IL Corn staff coordinated visits and meetings with Clarkson Grain, Archer Daniels Midland, Consolidated Grain and Barge, the Illinois Department of Agriculture, and several farmers, to build relationships for future grain purchases.


In addition to the  grain export meetings and facility tours, Tim and Roxy Seifert, of Auburn, hosted the group at their farm.  The Seiferts explained their decision-making processes and demonstrated the challenges of getting a specialty crop to market.


“These trade missions build new business relationships and drive demand for Illinois corn around the world,” Collin Watters, IL Corn Director of Exports and Logistics, said.


Overall, the group took away key points about the importance of having consistent reliable trading partners and the benefits they have for one another. Learn more about how your country can import Illinois corn here.