New Year, New Nothing?

Tara Desmond

Dec 27, 2021  |  Today's News

While the new year rings in, how are you feeling? Are you setting goals for 2022 or do you not give a corn? Typically a lot of people make resolutions and look at the new year as a new beginning but not always.  What about individuals who have depression and anxiety over the holidays?  What about the people who have anxiety about new business or financial decisions? Let’s talk mental wellness.


Easily ignored, Stigma associated with, Depression and Anxiety


We are all doctors now, right?  With google at the finger tips it seems like we all have the answers but then why do so many go untreated?  Lazy? Embarrased? Overwhelmed? Not easily talked about or even admitted to yourself, depression is the leading cause for disability in the US for ages 15 to 44 according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.  Anxiety is the most common mental illness in the US and are highly treatable, yet only a portion of people who suffer from it receive treatment.


Farming Anxiety / Depression


It’s no secret that farming has it’s daily challenges.  Market prices, nitrogen, trade policy, weather, weather and more weather.  Farmers and other adults don’t seek help because they feel like they can handle it on their own, they’re embarrassed, it's too expensive, or they don't think it'll help.  Some farmers may also be isolated in their physical location causing even more depression.


I finally admitted that I have depression?  What should I do now?


If you’re feeling down yourself, the first step is recognizing it.  The second and hardest is getting help.  Need a kick in the corn?  Start here by checking out these resources:



How can I help my partner who seems to have issues but doesn’t seek help?

  • Look for signs of depression
    • Sleeping less or more, drinking more, crying or angry more often
  • Approach the situation sensitively
    • Don’t corner your partner or attack them because that may seem accusatory.  Maybe start with, “I’ve noticed you seem down or unhappy lately and are drinking more…."
  • Listen
    • You may find that your partner denies they have a problem and don’t think they need to fix it.  Encourage them to seek help and if they don’t try and stay positive and remain encouraging while listening and plan activities to do together.