9 Games to Play on the Farm With Children

Tara Desmond

Oct 25, 2022  |  Today's News |  Public Outreach

While there are plenty of ways for your kids, grandkids or visiting relatives to join in on harvest with ride-alongs and chores, here are some random activities for fun they can play on the farm - during or outside of harvest time.


  1. Farmer Says
    • This game is a spin on Simon Says.  One person starts by saying, farmer says, ‘[insert action here]’ and everyone must do that action.  However, if Farmer makes an action request without saying, “Farmer says” anyone who does that action is out.
  2. Steal the Corn
    • Divide your group into two and assign each player a number. Each team should have a one and a two, for example. Set a boundary line for each team and place the corn in the middle. When you call out a number, that player from each team tries to capture the corn first and get it back over to their boundary line. The first person to do this without being tagged wins.
  3.  Hot Corn
    • A spin on hot potato.  You’ll need at least three people for this game. Start by sitting everyone down in a circle and practice tossing the item back and forth underhand. When the game begins, play music or say 'Go' and begin tossing the ear of corn to each other. When the music stops, whoever is holding the corn is out.
  4. Bozo Buckets
    • Place 6 buckets in a row vertically and draw a line for your child to stand behind.  Use corn kernels or an ear of corn and have them try and get them in each bucket.  If you have prizes, the more points are to the furthest bucket.
  5. Farm Scavenger Hunt
  6. The Harvested Corn Field is Lava
    • Use a field that’s been harvested and grab blankets, towels, trampoline, or whatever you have to create a course.  The goal is to have your children reach each item without stepping on the harvested corn field.  Last one standing wins.
  7. Make a corn sandbox
    • For the little tikes, fill up a baby pool with harvested corn kernels and use it as a sandbox for some fun.
  8. The Farm Office
    • Play a game in your farm office where they pretend to run the farm and deliver.  Have them write out and deliver invoices, write thank you letters to your family, have a delivery person hand deliver and hide notes throughout the house for their parents or grandparents to find later for notes of encouragement during harvest.
  9. Combine Fun
    • Guess the number of corn or beans that block the back window when you turn around.  Whoever gets closest, wins a point.  Play to 10.