IL Corn PAC 101

Ashley Deal

Apr 20, 2023  |  Legislation & Regulation

A Political Action Committee (PAC) is an organization that raises money through like-minded individuals to influence elections or legislation.


IL Corn’s PAC represents corn farmers in Illinois and influences policy which directly impacts our members.  IL Corn has both a state PAC, which benefits the Illinois General Assembly members, as well as a federal PAC, which is used to support our federal congressmen and women.


The IL Corn PAC is governed by a board of directors representin congressional districts throughout Illinois. It is their job to direct candidate funding, based off informed advisement, while keeping in mind ICGA’s legislative priorities. These priorities are deemed most important by our members.


Our PAC finances come from direct member contributions as well as fundraising events, like our annual draw down raffle. IL Corn is a bipartisan organization, supporting both Republican and Democrat candidates and elected officials according to the desires of our members.


Below is a list of current PAC Board members:


  • Jim Robbins D1
  • Stan Blunier D2
  • (Vacant D11)
  • Larry Hasheider D12   
  • George Obernagel, Vice-chairman, D12
  • Mark Bunselmeyer, Treasurer, D13
  • Wade Beasley D14
  • Jim Reed D15
  • Rob Elliott, Secretary, D15
  • Bill Christ D16
  • Donna Jeschke D16    
  • Steve Pigg, Chairman, D17
  • Tom Mueller D17
  • Ashley Deal, IL Corn, Assistant Treasurer

Thank you to our PAC Board members! 


This article is part of the April 2023 Political Action Committee newsletter, click here for the full PDF.