We are 96% Campaign Launches Phase Two

Lindsay Mitchell

Apr 07, 2023  |  Today's News |  ICMB |  Public Outreach

we are 96 storyThe statewide “We are the 96%” campaign launched phase two this past week, with TV ads, radio ads, and digital ads hitting screens all over Illinois. The paid portion of the campaign runs April 1 – June 30 and features “The Corporation” commercial with the Bell family as well as “Career Path” featuring the DeSutter Family, Bunting Family, Leman Family, Boucher Family, and Marr Family along with several others.


You can check out all of the 30 second commercials by clicking on this playlist.


Prior to the launch of this paid component, several farmer volunteers and staff members of your commodity associations participated in a six-week opportunity to promote the campaign on RFD-TV. In case you missed it, you can review those interviews below.

February 27 Lindsay Mitchell
March 6 Rosie Trump
March 13 Rachel Peabody
March 20 Nate Hill
March 27 Blake Noland
April 3 Kaylee Heap


The We are the 96% campaign is a coordinated effort of the Illinois Farm Families coalition, consisting of Illinois Beef Association, IL Corn, Illinois Farm Bureau, Illinois Pork Producers Association, Illinois Soybean Association, and Midwest Dairy. Together, we seek to help non-farmers in our state build relationships with the Illinois farm families growing food and fuel for our world.