IL Corn Releases 2024 Cover Crop Coupon

Tara Desmond

Jul 11, 2024  |  Today's News |  ICGA |  Conservation

IL Corn is dedicated to promoting sustainable farming practices in Illinois. Working with seed suppliers, they have introduced an annual coupon program aimed at making cover crop seeds more affordable and accessible for farmers.


Now in its ninth year, the cover crop coupon program continues to see growing participation among Illinois farmers.


“We don’t want cost to be a barrier for farmers when making important farm management decisions that can impact the state,” says Megan Dwyer, Director of Conservation & Nutrient Stewardship. “We already know that incorporating cover crops into farming brings a multitude of benefits, ranging from soil erosion prevention to improved soil health and water quality.”


As we move toward a more sustainable agricultural future, adopting practices that promote soil health and environmental stewardship is crucial. Through initiatives like IL Corn's affordable cover crop seed program, farmers are better equipped to implement these practices and enjoy the benefits of a healthier, more resilient farm.


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Cover Crop Coupon graphic with vendor partners