Lindsay Mitchell

Nov 08, 2019  |  Today's News |  Livestock

Congratulations to Jacob Miller and his sister Drucilla Miller Shotts on the opening of their new 3,800 head pig barn opening in Clark Co this year!


Last night, Don Guinnip, Illinois Corn Growers Association District 12 Director, joined the family for an open house, showcasing the new barn to the local community.  Pictured are Don, Drucilla (Miller) Shotts, Jacob Miller, Nic Anderson, Illinois Livestock Development Group.


IL Corn is proud of the work they do to support farmers who build and expand the livestock industry in Illinois.  These farmers feed us, contribute to their local communities, and are great neighbors!


Learn more about J&D Farms and their new pig barn:

  • Jacob and Drucilla are the fifth generation to continue the farm.
  • The family farm has raised commercial pigs for 65 years, beginning when their grandfather came home from
    the Korean War.
  • The barn will be home to 3,800 head of pigs.
  • The barn has been constructed per stringent standards set forth by the Livestock Management Facilities Act (LMFA) governed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA)
  • Once in operation, the farm must continue to comply with the IL Environmental Protection Act, enforced by the IL EPA.
  • Manure from these pigs will be used to fertilize corn and soybean fields for the family's corn and soybean fields.
  • Pigs will enter the barns weighing around 12 pounds, where they will be housed for six months until they reach market weight of approximately 280 pounds.  They will have full access to feed and water.
  • Computer controlled ventilation will properly control the temperature and humidity levels in the barns to give the pigs a comfortable environment.
  • This hog farm will produce over 600,000 (5-7 oz.) pork chops and over 8 million slices of bacon per year, feeding the local community and beyond!
  • In one year, the pigs will consume approximately 40,000 bushels of corn and 6,000 bushels of soybeans, grown by local farmers.


Check out this interview with Drucilla as well!