Lindsay Mitchell

May 10, 2018  |  Today's News |  ICMB |  Public Outreach

This week marks an important beginning of an educational effort in Central Illinois. 


The Normal CornBelters will play their first game at home on May 11 and every visitor will be exposed to agricultural images, data, and ideas that will help them appreciate America’s favorite crop.


The Corn Crib hosts actual corn plants in planters and in landscaping around the stadium.  Ten and 30-second spots on the jumbotron highlight information to help non-farmers understand more about agriculture such as a reference point for the terms bushel, acre, and pesticide. 


Signage around the ball stadium reminds the baseball fans that corn is found in very unexpected places like car tires, diapers, crayons, and more.  And fans are encouraged throughout the stadium to visit our virtual reality tour of a corn farm during planting, harvest, and in-between on


This year, the stadium even features a pollinator plot to spread awareness of farmer ecology and sustainability efforts.


The Corn Crib is an excellent place to help Illinoisans understand more about the cornfields in their midst, and to test the relevance and receptiveness of messages we might use in broader applications.


To visit the Corn Crib and see this work firsthand, check out the 2018 schedule here.