Illinois Corn Farmer Featured on NASA Website

Lindsay Mitchell

Jul 28, 2021  |  Today's News |  Conservation

Illinois Corn Farmer Featured on NASA Website


NASA, the US government agency responsible for science and technology related to air and space, recognized corn farmers today on their website for implementing practices that can improve soil health and make food production more climate friendly and resilient.


Paul Jeschke, a corn farmer from Mazon, IL and an IL Corn leader, talked to NASA about the changes he’s making on his own farm, including planting cover crops to rebuild the soil.


“This is a radically different farming system, and it takes an adventurous mindset to risk growing a crop in such a manner,” Jeschke said in the article.


NASA is using their satellites to study the Corn Belt and provide important views of the region’s soil.  They are pinpointing soil loss over time and helping farmers understand how to adopt and manage conservation techniques to benefit the soil.


Checkout this video that shows how data from NASA satellites is used to map crops and predict yields for every crop grown in the U.S.



And then check out the Illinois farm feature on NASA and feel proud of the contributions and efforts of Illinois farmers that make growing corn an opportunity to solve some of our world’s toughest issues.