Illinois corn farmers go on offense during the big game

Jan 29, 2020  |  Today's News |  ICMB |  Public Outreach

BLOOMINGTON, ILL., January 28, 2020 – During the biggest game in football, IL Corn is going on offense to remind consumers around the state that Illinois runs on homegrown corn.

Viewers in major Illinois TV markets can look for Illinois corn farmers during the Feb. 2 game’s commercial breaks. A 30-second “Illinois Runs on Homegrown Corn” commercial will showcase the Swanson family, one of the more than 100,000 farmers in Illinois who grow corn, a product that drives our state’s economy.   

“As farmers, we take great pride in sustainably growing a crop that can be used in so many ways,” says Krista Swanson of Oneida. “Our family enjoys sharing that pride and that story with others who might not have the same agricultural roots.”


The play by play

Everything that can be made from a barrel of crude oil can also be made from corn oil – like bioplastics, food packaging and clothing. Corn winds up in a wide array of products, from tennis shoes to medicines to award-winning whiskey. And it’s used to make ethanol, a renewable fuel that reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions by up to 43%.


Illinois corn farmers are ready to go on offense, muses IL Corn Chairman Roger Sy, a farmer from Newman, Illinois.


“Illinois corn farmers are proud of the work we do. Our game plan is to help Illinois understand that corn farmers are constantly finding ways to farm more sustainably and with new technologies that protect our environment. Plus, more than 100,000 Illinoisans have jobs thanks to corn. That’s a story worth telling.”


In addition to the commercial that will air locally during the game, the campaign can be followed online using the #FieldGoals hashtag on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and by visiting IL Corn also encourages farmers to use the #FieldGoals hashtag during the game and share why they’re proud to grow Illinois corn all year long.