Lindsay Mitchell

Apr 10, 2018  |  Today's News |  Exports |  Legislation & Regulation

IL Corn participated in a “Twitter Storm” on the North American Free Trade Agreement today, helping to push positive messages about what the very important trade relationship with Mexico and Canada could mean to Illinois corn farmers.


Note: In case you didn’t know, a “Twitter Storm” is a coordinated effort on the social media outlet Twitter, to share messages all relating to a common theme. 


In this case, the NAFTA Twitter Storm brought Americans from all different industries and areas of the country together in support of the trade deal.


Here are some sample comments from the day:


FedEx Public Affairs @FedExPolicy: #DYK: The U.S. is the world’s largest exporter of services. America has a $31.5 billion trade surplus in services with Canada and Mexico. #NAFTAWorks


Americans for Farmers and Families @US4FarmerFamily: Did you know that #NAFTA grows the #economy by $127B annually? NAFTA has been so successful that trade between the US, Mexico and Canada has quadrupled since the agreement took effect in 1994! #NAFTAworks


U.S. Grains Council @USGC: #NAFTAWorks: U.S. corn exports to all NAFTA countries last year were worth $3.2 billion, supporting 25,000 U.S. jobs.


George W. Bush Presidential Center @TheBushCenter: NAFTA has created a dynamic economy for the North American region. What this means is a healthy flow of exports and imports and a supply chain that has been woven together to benefit all three countries. #NAFTAWorks #Trade


U.S. Chamber of Commerce @USChamber: Watch and listen to the stories of small business owners and see why #NAFTAworks for their growth and America's economy: http://www.tradeworksforus.com/faces-of-trade/  #trade #smallbiz


Dell Entrepreneurs @DellInnovators: Entrepreneurs need access to global markets to succeed. Fair and free trade agreements, like #NAFTA, help open new markets for businesses of all sizes and entrepreneurs depend on them.  It’s important NAFTA is strengthened and not weakened or abandoned. #NAFTAWorks


Maybe you’d like to see for yourself?


Go to Twitter.com and in the search bar, type #NAFTAWorks.