Pork Power Feeds the Hungry, Prevents Food Waste

Lindsay Mitchell

May 07, 2020  |  Today's News |  Livestock

 Together, we can prevent excess hogs from going to waste due to supply chain disruptions caused by COVID-19. Together, we can direct that protein to needy families all over Illinois.


IL Corn is proud to partner with Illinois Pork Producers Association on their Pork Power program. Thanks to donations from pig farmers and support of all of our partners, Pork Power has provided more than 821,000 pounds of pork, amounting to more than 2.7 MILLION servings, to hungry Illinois residents since the program began in 2008.


Food banks across Illinois work with Pork Power to accept donations and distribute pork to families throughout the state.


If you’d like to partner with us, we’re opening this program up for individuals to help! IPPA is collecting monetary donations that will be supply pork to Illinois food banks. You can chip in to help cover the cost of processing, storage and delivery.




A $150 donation would cover the processing cost of a whole hog, which yields over 200 lb of ground pork and serves 800+ people!


As a bonus, for each donation over $15 you will receive a t-shirt for your generosity.