Something for Everyone With an ICGA Membership

Lindsay Mitchell

Mar 04, 2020  |  Today's News |  ICGA


Farmer survey work indicates that most farmers join the Illinois Corn Growers Association because they seek representation in Springfield, IL and Washington, DC with law makers and regulators that can influence the way they farm.  Others tell us that joining their local farm organizations is just, "the right thing to do."



Representation in Springfield and Washington, DC is valuable for Illinois corn farmers.


ICGA farmer leaders are often in Springfield and Washington, DC, lobbying on whatever issue of the day might help or hinder the farm economy in Illinois or in the U.S.  ICGA staff consistently write letters to elected officials, submit comments on regulatory issues, bring awareness to farmers and non-farmers alike about the value of certain policy proposals, and ask farmers to join with us to contact a legislator when needed.  


But did you know your membership also empowers youth in agriculture? 


IL Corn partners with the Illinois FFA with a long-term goal of helping place Illinois student leaders into congressional offices.  This helps the overall ag awareness in the office and, we hope overtime, in Washington, DC.  Placing leaders with agriculture backgrounds where decisions about agriculture are being made is an opportunity for farmers that ICGA hopes to capture.


And your membership creates positive change for our soils, water, and air.


ICGA created Precision Conservation Management, a farmer service program that evaluates conservation practices on both their impact to the environment and their impact to family farmer profitability.  Participating farmers can utilize the one-on-one technical assistance to guide them through conservation decisions and to aid in the evaluation of their farm against others in the program.  The aggregated data is published and recommendations made available for farmers that do not participate in the program to consider.  


Your membership invests in the Illinois livestock industry.


The Illinois Corn Growers Association is a member of the Illinois Livestock Development Group, a collation of Illinois ag and farm groups that seeks to grow the livestock industry in Illinois.  The ILDG works to help farmers expand current livestock farms and build new barns by helping them through the laws in place in Illinois that govern this type of expansion.  ILDG also promotes understanding and awareness of livestock to its non-farmer neighbors by hosting open houses in newly built barns.  These public relations events have been hugely successful and very well attended.


An ICGA membership has personal value for you as well!


Your ICGA membership comes with a coupon for $100 off a bag of seed from several of our participating partners.  Members also receive discounts on cover crop seed throughout the year.  And, because a member of ICGA is also a member of NCGA, your membership comes with many other discounts and promotions that you'll want to investigate and utilize!


What are you waiting for?  Join today!




Want to learn more?  Read the 2019 ICGA annual report here.