Top IL Corn Videos of 2022

Tara Desmond

Jan 05, 2023  |  Today's News |  ICGA |  ICMB |  Public Outreach

Social Media has changed the way the world sees companies and brands.  Videos are a medium that has skyrocketed over the last couple decades and IL Corn is making sure to keep up. 


Reaching a larger audience in different ways, IL Corn’s newly created TikTok account went viral in 2022.  Also new to 2022, IL Corn TV debuted. IL Corn TV is a weekly ag news segment that recounts the previous week’s news.  Mostly on youtube, the second highest visited website in the world, IL Corn TV has grown exponentially in 2022 and will continue to be a resource for farmers in Illinois.  If you haven’t yet, subscribe to the IL Corn TV youtube channel to get alerts when new episodes are out. 


Before we fly into the top videos on IL Corn TV, we want to show the best and favorite videos on our other social media platforms.


Top 6 Videos

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Mark Wilson Farm During Harvest with a small snafu

Selling sweet corn, veggies and a flower business - Meet the Browns

Dave is Finally on Social Media! Talking Ethanol


Meet Tim Jolly a farmer in Chenoa, IL

Beer can be made from corn! Watch brewery owner Jeff talk about it.

new series on cover cropsNew Conservation Series - Uncovering Cover Crops



IL Corn TV Channel Top Videos

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