Lindsay Mitchell

Aug 02, 2019  |  Today's News |  Ethanol |  Legislation & Regulation

Once again, the Renewable Fuel Standard is being threatened on multiple fronts, just when we finally got a win on E15.  To protect the RFS, we need to let President Trump know his commitment to the RFS and farmers is being undermined by EPA and ask him to direct EPA to change direction.  We also need to send a strong message to EPA, which is currently setting annual RFS volumes, that the agency must account for refinery waivers and keep the RFS whole in this process. 

Write to President Trump
Comment to EPA
Sharing your views with President Trump, who has voiced strong support for farmers, lets him know that this EPA is threatening his commitments.  Weighing in with EPA on the annual RFS volume rule shows farmers’ strong support for keeping the RFS whole and upholding the law.
Thank you for taking time to send both of these important message today to help protect the RFS from EPA’s waivers and other harmful actions and remind President Trump that farmers are counting on him.