State of Illinois Election Overview - Liz Brown Reeves and Rich Clemmens

|  Nov, 23, 2020

Hear insight from ICGA's lobbyist Liz Brown Reeves and Rich Clemmons about what farmers can expect after election results in the next coming months.

Field to Market Collaboration of the Year - Clay Bess

|  Nov, 13, 2020

Get to know Clay Bess, Lead Precision Conservation Management Specialist and hear about PCM's newest award.

Election Overview - David Beaudreau and David Crow

|  Nov, 13, 2020

David Beaudreau and David Crow, ICGA lobbyists, talked about the outcome of the election and what we can expect to see in agriculture. Farmers from across the state submitted questions and also hear from IL Corn's Membership and Grassroots Advocacy Manager.

Dicamba Ruling - Randy DeSutter

|  Oct, 30, 2020

Randy DeSutter, farmer from Woodhull and IL Corn Director speaks about the latest Dicamba ruling and the confirmation from the EPA.

Importance of the Lock and Dam System - Marty Marr

|  Oct, 20, 2020

Illinois grain and livestock farmer Marty Marr explains the importance of the lock and dam system, the need for an efficient Inland Waterways System and how it impacts his farm.

PCM Development - Travis Deppe

|  Oct, 16, 2020

Director of Precision Conservation Management, Travis Deppe explains all the new developments in PCM and how this program has the potential to put money back in the pockets of farmers.

Next Generation Fuels Act - ICGA President Bill Leigh

|  Oct, 09, 2020

ICGA President, Bill Leigh hosted Communication Manager, Dan Obert on his Minonk farm to talk more about the Next Generation Fuels Act and it's importance to farmers. The introduction of this bill is the biggest thing to happen in ethanol policy since the 2005 introduction of the Renewable Fuel Standard.

Wait Until Temps are Below 50 to Apply Nitrogen

|  Sep, 29, 2020

IL Corn’s Nutrient Loss Reduction Manager, Megan Dwyer weighs in on the importance of waiting until soil temperatures stay below 50 degrees to start applying fall nitrogen. Waiting ensures the most fertilizer will be available for the crop next spring while making the most of your finanical investment. 


|  Sep, 04, 2019

RFD's Rita Frazier interviewed Tricia Braid, ICGA, and Ryan LeGrand, U.S. Grains Council at the Farm Progress Show where ICGA's tent focused heavily on trade.  The two discussed the opportunities that lie ahead of Illinois corn farmers if the U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement is passed in 2019.


|  Aug, 02, 2019

Sign up started on July 29, but before you head to town, better make a phone call to your local FSA office to be sure they are ready to help you!  IL Corn is still working to analyze the payment distribution calculation, but we believe it's a more equitable distribution of funds.  We've also got perspectives from the USDA Office of Communications for more details.