Next Generation Fuels Act - ICGA President Bill Leigh

|  Oct, 09, 2020

ICGA President, Bill Leigh hosted Communication Manager, Dan Obert on his Minonk farm to talk more about the Next Generation Fuels Act and it's importance to farmers. The introduction of this bill is the biggest thing to happen in ethanol policy since the 2005 introduction of the Renewable Fuel Standard.

PCM Development - Travis Deppe

|  Oct, 16, 2020

Director of Precision Conservation Management, Travis Deppe explains all the new developments in PCM and how this program has the potential to put money back in the pockets of farmers.

Importance of the Lock and Dam System - Marty Marr

|  Oct, 20, 2020

Illinois grain and livestock farmer Marty Marr explains the importance of the lock and dam system, the need for an efficient Inland Waterways System and how it impacts his farm.

Dicamba Ruling - Randy DeSutter

|  Oct, 30, 2020

Randy DeSutter, farmer from Woodhull and IL Corn Director speaks about the latest Dicamba ruling and the confirmation from the EPA.