What are you Thinking about Fall N Application?

Oct, 14, 2016

The Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy demands nitrogen loss reduction from farm ground in Illinois. Now’s the time to think about what strategy to implement on your farms this year as harvest is wrapping up and the opportunity to apply Fall nitrogen is coming soon. One of the standard, widely accepted best management practices for fall N application is to wait to apply based on the four-inch soil depth temperature being sustained at 50 degrees or lower. We also know that Fall N should be applied with an appropriate stabilizer like N-Serve. But how can you further refine that decision? IL Corn has a way for you to consider. Listen to the audio update to learn more.

The comment period for the EPA’s draft ecological risk assessment of atrazine ends on October 4. You’ve got about one week to weigh in on your future ability to use atrazine to protect your crop in the future.