Why you Need to Establish Monarch Butterfly Habitat

May, 01, 2017

May is Monarch Month. May is also the perfect time to sow milkweed seeds or direct transplant a small plant. Now, before you shut down on the idea of purposely adding milkweed to your farm, hear us out. IL Corn understands that weeds impact your profitability. We also know that access to technology and chemistry is also important to your profitability. We know that you want to do the right thing for the environment on your farm. And right now, the right thing is for farmers and landowners to voluntarily establish monarch and pollinator habitat in non-crop areas. This could be in a place that you’ve already established as a wildlife habitat, for example, or down the side of your machine shed, or around your bins. Somewhere is better than nowhere, as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is tasked with a decision to list the Monarch Butterfly on the Endangered Species List by June 30, 2019.