IL Corn Growers Association 5th Annual Draw Down Fundraiser


Proceeds raised in this draw down will benefit the Illinois Corn Growers Association Political Action Committee (ICGA PAC). The ICGA PAC helps provide the Association a seat at the table with our nation’s legislators to discuss issues relevant to your farming operation. Building relationships with multiple freshmen congressmen in Illinois' newly-drawn districts makes it more vital than ever for ICGA to have the means to represent our members.

Draw Down Details

A draw down is a type of raffle during which all sold tickets are individually drawn at random during the event. A schedule of prizes, associated with the order in which the tickets are drawn will be published in advance. The grand prize is a trip for two to Grand Canyman, courtesy of Beck's Hybrids. The ticket numbers and associated ticket holders’ names will be displayed here, on the event landing page for the duration of the event.


ICGA’s Rules of entry for the 2023 Draw Down:

  1. Maximum of 250 tickets to be sold at $250/per ticket
  2. Only ICGA members and unsolicited individuals may purchase a ticket
  3. Multiple tickets may be purchased by a single individual. (Individuals ARE eligible to win multiple prizes, as each number drawn is associated with a different prize)
  4. Only one winner per number drawn / ticket number
  5. This is a virtual raffle.  Participants need not be present to win
  6. Drawdown ticket sales cease at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, February 6, 2023, or once all 250 tickets are sold out.


Schedule of Drawing 

Assuming all 250 tickets are sold, 50 tickets will be drawn each day starting Wednesday, February 7, 2024 through Friday, February 9, 2024. If less than 250 tickets are sold the schedule will be adjusted as needed.


Ticket numbers will be displayed, in the order they were drawn, on the website each day. Prize winners will be contacted via email or phone each day.


Friday, February 9 will be a live drawing via video conferencing. Remaining ticketholders will be notified and invited to join in the nail-biting top prize drawing!

Prize List
THANK YOU to our generous sponsors! Beck's Hybrids, John Deere and Bloomington Meats, and many more!



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The ILCorn Growers Association (ICGA) PAC is a voluntary fund used to promote the economic and social wellbeing of producers of corn in the State of Illinois. Contributions to the ICGA PAC are not tax deductible and cannot be treated as a business expense. You can get additional information by contacting the ICGA office phone # 309-557-3257.