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Livestock is our biggest consumer and that’s not a fact that Illinois Corn takes lightly. Our work to maintain a healthy livestock industry does have to be a balance though between what we can do ourselves and what is best done through the livestock associations with our support.

  • Programs
    ICMB has been active with the Illinois Pork Producers Association, supporting their efforts to feed the hungry and generate positive conversations about livestock farming.  Pork Power is in its eighth year and has donated 437,000 pounds of pork, equalling 1.75 million servings! Illinois Corn continues to work with the Illinois Beef Association on marketing and promotion projects as well, and also invests in IBA leadership, helping cattle farmers … Read More »
  • Partners
    ILDG The Illinois Corn Marketing Board is active in the Illinois Livestock Development Group, a coalition of several Illinois associations (Illinois Corn, Illinois Beef, Illinois Pork, Illinois Soybeans, Illinois Milk) whose goal is to increase the number of animal units within the state.  ILDG primarily accomplishes this goal through building a better business climate for livestock. Although the coalition works together, their goals are enacted through the work of Nic Anderson, … Read More »
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