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Corn Growers Association Membership Application

Membership in the Illinois Corn Growers Association:

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To join, there are 2 options:

Fill out this form online. After submitting, you will be automatically directed to PayPal where you can finish with a secure payment using a credit or debit card (PayPal account not required)

Download + print the form here and mail with your check to: 
Illinois Corn Growers Association
P.O. Box 1623
Bloomington, IL 61702

If you have any questions about membership or how to join, please call the ICGA office at 309-557-3257 or email Ashley Deal at


A new three-year or renewed three-year membership will earn you a certificate for $50 off your seed corn bill or a free bag of seed* from any of these participating companies.


Present to your dealer at the time of purchase. You must purchase at least three bags (units) of seed to receive a free bag.

*Discount or free bag at companies' discretion.





Representation in Springfield and Washington, DC is valuable for Illinois corn farmers.

ICGA farmer leaders make two or more in-person trips to our state and national capitals each year, as well as multiple phone calls with leaders on our members’ behalf. Lobbying on the Hill for infrastructure improvements, trade agreements, self-regulation and more, is just one way we keep a close relationship with our congresspeople and senators. We also keep our members informed about up-and-coming bills, policies, votes, and activity through weekly emails and an opt-in text alert system, which gives them the opportunity to directly connect with their law makers. We believe that every voice counts!


But did you know your membership also empowers youth in agriculture?

Whether its sponsoring Ag In the Classroom or sending a group of FFA kids to DC, we believe in the future and longevity of the family farm. IL Corn partners in several young leaders programs, scholarships, and internships to support the professional development of future farmers.


And your membership creates positive change for our soils, water, and air.

Cover crop programs, pollinator well-being, carbon sequestering studies, and regulation discussions… These are all issues that we have a whole team working on, daily. We convert qualitative markers into quantitative data in order to prove the positive changes we are implementing thanks to your membership dollars.


Your membership invests in the Illinois livestock industry.

Since corn feeds cattle, hogs, and poultry, it only makes sense that we would be close friends. We often partner up on projects and attend several of each others’ conferences and meetings in order to serve consumers healthy, accurate, consistent, information about where their food comes from.


An ICGA membership has personal value for you as well!

An ICGA membership has personal value as well!

Being a member has its perks like early access to exclusive programs, seed and equipment discounts, reduced registration fees to Commodity Classic, and travel deals. We are always working to add value to your family farm and to show what many farmers working together can accomplish. By also being a member of ICGA, you’re also privileged to the discounts provided by NCGA.