professional photo of all of IL Corn staff

Dave Loos

Director of Biofuels and Research

Lindsay Croke

Director of Communications & Marketing

Dr. Laura Gentry

Director of Water Quality Science

Kayla Gallagher

Director of Operations

Greg Goodwin

Director of Precision Conservation Management

Collin Watters

Director of Exports & Logistics

Ashley Deal

Membership and Grassroots Advocacy Manager

Megan Dwyer

Director of Conservation and Nutrient Stewardship

Debra Malloch

PCM Administrative Manager

Katie Meredith

Administrative Assistant

Dana Hancock

Accounts Payable Specialist

Michael Ward

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Tara Desmond

Marketing & Communications Manager

Haley Bickelhaupt

Policy Communications Manager

Brad Stotler

Director of Public Policy

Rachel Dame

Public Policy Manager