ICMB Directors

Cassie Dumoulin


Cassie Dumoulin is a dedicated farmer with an unwavering passion for agriculture, who has played an integral role in her family's illustrious hog farm throughout her entire life. From its humble origins founded by her grandparents, Pat and Bill, Cassie has been actively involved in every aspect of the farming and hog operation. Beyond tending to the livestock, she also is responsible for analyzing and evaluating the farm's financials, ensuring its continued success and growth. 


Cassie's journey extends beyond the fields and barns. As the eldest among ten siblings, her deep love for family is imprinted in her core values, shaping her identity and outlook on life.


Cassie successfully earned both a bachelor's and master's degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Illinois. She is a registered Professional Engineer in Illinois and currenly holds the position of a project manager at an engineering consulting firm, where her expertise is directed towards managing projects in the demolition and decommissioning division.