Rodney Weinzierl

Executive Director

Rodney Weinzierl was named the Executive Director of IL Corn in June of 1993.  He was chosen because of his past experience in the market development area, his expertise in the technical aspects of ethanol fuel, and his familiarity with the corn grower issues.

As Executive Director, Rod is responsible for administering the market development, education, and research programs for the Illinois Corn Marketing Board and coordinating the membership, legislative, and public relations programs for the Illinois Corn Growers Association.

Rod first joined IL Corn as the Market Development Director in 1988 and served until his appointment as Executive Director. Prior to IL Corn, he spent five years with the Cooperative Extension Service as the Tazewell County Agricultural Adviser.

Executive Director received his Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Sciences and Production from Illinois State University. He currently resides in Stanford, Illinois with his wife Kathy. They have three daughters: Gracie, Hannah, and Claire.