Nov 01, 2010  |  Today's News |  ICGA

Don’t forget to go to the polls tomorrow to vote in your local, state and national elections. One U.S. Senate seat is up for election in Illinois, along with all 19 Congressional seats. The statewide officers for Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Comptroller, and Treasurer will also be chosen tomorrow.


Illinois Corn Growers Association President Tim Lenz, a corn farmer from Strasburg, IL, urges everyone to go to the polls. “The right to vote without encumbrance is a precious opportunity that shouldn’t be squandered. No matter your political views or positions, ICGA urges everyone to vote and continue to be involved in the political process by staying in touch with your elected officials beyond Election Day.”


The early voting period for the November 2 election has concluded, and Illinois State Board of Elections executive director Dan White says almost 350,000 people took advantage. That compares to about 170,000 in the last midterm election, the first year Illinois used early voting, 2006, and to about 487,000 two years ago, a presidential election year.


For an interesting look at how the political watchers are predicting the elections, take a look at the New York Times Election 2010 page. The menu bar down the side lets you switch between the House, Senate, and Governors races.


With regard to agriculture, Illinois presently holds two seats on the House Ag Committee. The seat held by Republican Tim Johnson (IL  15th District) is rated by the Times as remaining solidly Republican. The Times has the seat on the House Ag Committee presently held by Democrat Debbie Halvorson (IL 11th District) to be leaning Republican.