Dec 22, 2010  |  Today's News |  Legislation & Regulation

November 2left Illinois with a major shift in representation and five new US Congressmen with which to get acquainted.  As we prepare to welcome Congressman Dold, Congressman Hultgren, Congressman Kinzinger, Congressman Schilling, and Congressman Walsh to the Illinois team, the Illinois Corn office has waited with anticipation to find out the committee appointments of each.

And we celebrate the leadership of our long standing Congressmen, John Shimkus and Tim Johnson, who have both assumed subcommittee chair positions beginning January 5.

Congressman John Shimkus representing District 19 will serve on the Energy and Commerce Committee and as Chair of the Environment and Economy SubCommittee.  Congressman Tim Johnson representing District 15 will serve on the Agriculture Committee and as Chair of the Rural Development, Biotechnology, Specialty Crops and Foreign Agriculture SubCommittee.  Congratulations to these strong leaders of the Illinois Congressional Delegation.

New to the Illinois team, Congressman Dold representing District 10 (Mark Kirk’s former district) will serve on the Financial Services Committee.  Congressman Kinzinger of the 11th District has been appointment to the Energy and Commerce Committee with senior Congressman Shimkus and Congressmen Hultgren (District 14) and Schilling (District 17) will serve on the Agriculture Committees alongside Congressman Johnson.  Cong Schilling has also been appointed to the Armed Services Committee and Congressman Hultgren has a second appointment to the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee.    Congressman Walsh representing District 8 will serve on the Homeland Security and Small Business, and Oversight and Government Reform Committees.

Congressman Aaron Schock has received an appointment to the Ways and Means Committee, making a powerful statement as it is rare for a Congressman to receive this appointment at the beginning of his second term.

Congratulations to all our Illinois Congressional Delegation on your committee appointments and leadership positions.  Illinois Corn looks forward to working with you in the 112th Congress!