Jun 09, 2011  |  Today's News

Illinois corn farmers are using technology and improved farming techniques to ensure a record corn crop for the world’s corn consumers.  According to the WASDE report released today, the USDA is still expecting a record crop of 13.2 bushels in 2011/2012, up 753 million bushels from 2010/2011.

Farmers all across America got off to a slow start this spring, as rain fall and wet fields prevented planting.  In Illinois, some farmers in the southern portion of the state are still in the field even in June.  Regardless, Illinois corn is still 98 percent planted, 2 percent above the 2006-2010 average of 96 percent planted by June 5.

Smart farming techniques and proper management will work together with technology to help farmers overcome the delay.  Good summer weather won’t hurt either, helping corn farmers to meet challenges and obstacles and still deliver a corn crop for livestock, ethanol and food consumers.

Illinois corn is 90 percent emerged, almost exactly on track with the 89 percent average of 2006-2010, and is rated at approximately the same quality as the 2010/2011 crop, with most being good or excellent and only eight percent classified as poor or very poor.

Farmers are adaptable and rise to meet challenges.  Illinois corn farmers looking forward to a record corn yield this fall that will meet the needs of all their consumers at home and abroad.