Jul 22, 2011  |  Today's News

When the Illinois Corn leadership was in Washington, DC last week, they had the opportunity to meet with Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood and his staff regarding the “for hire” and “commercial motor vehicle” issues.

For more background information on these issues, click here.

The meeting was an opportunity for education on both sides. Not only were Illinois farmers able to provide US Department of Transportation staff with many first-hand experiences to illustrate the illogical nature of the proposed regulations, but IL Corn also learned just how much basic information about agriculture, lease agreements, farm implements, and more is misunderstood.

Now, we both have an opportunity to provide the best information possible, in the form of comments to the US DOT and in the form of final recommendations for how states should implement these regulations.

In addition, Illinois corn farmers have more support in Washington, DC. Congressman Tim Johnson has stepped up to the plate, spearheading an effort to submit common-sense comments on this issue on behalf of any Illinois Congressmen or Senators that wish to sign on. Congressman Johnson was the driving force behind an initial letter to Secretary LaHood on the issue, signed by several of the Illinois delegation that raised the profile of this issue in the US DOT.

You may wish to thank Congressman Johnson for his efforts on behalf of Illinois farmers by calling 202-225-2371.

In the meantime, Illinois Corn hopes you understand the critical nature of these regulations to the way that you farm. Please submit comments to the USDOT on these issues describing the varying nature of your land and crop share leases, the ways in which you use your tractors and wagons (likely not on the interstate highway system and certainly not to carry passengers), and the various inter and intra state markets that your corn may be sold into and that you have no control over that decision.

Click here to send your short message about “for-hire” designation, commercial motor vehicle carriers, and intra state commerce regulations and how they affect you.