Feb 02, 2012  |  Today's News

In ten days, Illinois corn farmer leaders of both the Illinois Corn Growers Association and the Illinois Corn Marketing Board will visit Colombia to learn more about market opportunities after the passage of the Colombian Free Trade Agreement.

New trading opportunities with Colombia represent the recapture of millions of dollars lost to other countries prior to the passage of the agreement.  While in Colombia, Illinois corn farmers will establish relationships with potential buyers and learn more about the implementation of the agreement.

Visits include:

  • Colombian Swine Association
  • Colombian Poultry Association
  • A dairy cooperative
  • A swine production unit
  • SOLA – one of the top three feed millers in Colombia

As the most potential for corn exports to the country exists through relationships with Colombian livestock producers, the tour will focus largely on livestock issues like feed quality, feed availability, transportation and logistics, and price.

Illinois remains focused on the new opportunities in Colombia because Colombia imports of corn will arrive mostly by vessel, meaning that their corn will come directly from Illinois by way of the Mississippi River.

The group will return on Feb 19 with new information on how to better serve their Colombian customers and capitalize on the value of this new and growing market.