May 23, 2012  |  Today's News

Today, Interim-State Director of Agriculture Bob Flider met with leadership and staff of Illinois agricultural associations to brief him on key issues and concerns of the industry that he will most likely face during his term in office.  Bill Christ, Chairman of the Illinois Corn Marketing Board was among the farmers representing the agricultural industry.

Most of the time was spent discussing environmental regulations, growth of the livestock industry, and hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico.  On many of these issues, Interim-Director Flider was unaware of recent occurrences and interested in learning more about how to support the industry.

Regarding the livestock industry, the groups and the Illinois Livestock Development Group recently funded a study emphasizing the economic benefit of the livestock industry to the state.  Flider looks forward to support the industry in the future and for as long as he remains in office. 

Additionally, as hypoxia in the Gulf becomes a larger concern to the environmental community and agriculture receives the blame, Illinois agriculture groups consistently look for ways to encourage self-policing from farmers and cooperation from government entities to assist farmers to do the best job protect the land and water possible.  Flider was positive about the opportunity to help farmers increase the productivity of the land, while continuing to make the land and water better for the next generation.

As the meeting concluded, Flider reiterated that he looks forward to serving the agricultural community and hopes to maintain an open door policy encouraging meaningful dialogue and assisting farmers to have meaningful dialogue with other government entities.