Jul 24, 2012  |  Today's News

If it hasn’t already, the time will quickly come when you have to defend ethanol to your community, your elected officials and maybe even to your own family.  With only two percent of the population farming today, the burden falls on all of us to be well-versed on ethanol and to speak out on its behalf.

Ethanol adds a total of 4,000 jobs to the Illinois rural economy.  Over one thousand of those are direct jobs, 1,334 of those are indirect jobs and 1,493 are induced jobs.  The extra jobs are jobs at the local diner who needs to serve additional lunch patrons because of the ethanol plant or at the local dealership that’s making money selling new cars because ethanol employees have more money to spend.

The ethanol industry also adds significant tax income for our government systems.  Total public revenue for the Illinois ethanol industry is $76.5 million with $37.08 million going to state and local governments and $39.38 million going to the federal government.   All this tax income means more funding for schools, roads, and public service systems in your local community.

Download and print this sheet.  Use it to talk to your neighbors and friends about the benefits of the ethanol industry in Illinois.  It’s time we reminded people that ethanol isn’t a dirty word.