Jul 19, 2012  |  Today's News

The Illinois Corn Growers Association is in Washington, DC this week, talking to your elected officials about the need for a robust Farm Bill that includes crop insurance protection for farmers.  The weather conditions most of Illinois is experiencing right now made our case for risk management compelling.

All of the meetings were dominated by discussions about the status of the Illinois corn crop.  Legislators are concerned about the crop, about the future economic stability of Illinois farmers, and about providing the tools needed so that farmers can remain in business.  Passing a “Farm Bill Now” could accomplish these goals.

However, the future seems unclear on the House Farm Bill after several meetings with Illinois House members yesterday and today.  Some place the odds of passing a Farm Bill in the House very low due to issues with the SNAP program (food stamps) and the Tea Party members desire to cut spending.

Other priority issues were discussed.  Illinois farmers asked their legislators to co-sponsor WAVE4, a bill introduced by Congressman Whitfield of KY that offers a legitimate way of funding lock and dam upgrades.  Many Illinois Congressman have already signed on as co-sponsors of this bill, including Congressmen Costello, Hultgren, Jackson, Johnson, Kinzinger, Lapinski, Roskam, and Shimkus.

Your leaders also discovered that much of O’Hare’s jet fuel is shipped to the airport on the Illinois River.  This statistic could prove crucial to building more Congressional support for lock and dam upgrades.

All in all, visits on the Hill have gone well, and all elected officials have been happy for the update from Illinois Corn.  Should you decide to help the cause, calls to elected officials asking for the passage of a Farm Bill Now are always encouraged.Illinois Corn Visits Congresswoman Biggert