Aug 29, 2012  |  Today's News

What’s highly impractical and costly? California’s Prop 37, that’s what. You may remember the “Prop” votes in California in the past that have cost agriculture dearly. For instance, Prop 2, Standards for Confining Farm Animals, changed the landscape of animal agriculture in California and beyond. Now, there is a full-court press to label GMO foods.

Dr. Steve Savage, University of California Davis PhD Plant Pathologist, recently sat down with Green State TV -- via Skype -- to discuss California's ballot initiative on GMO labeling, and his article "Six More Good Reasons To Vote No on California Prop 37." Green State TV is a program supported by Syngenta. It offers a scientific perspective on crop and food issues. You may choose to watch this interview at this link:

In GSTV’s six part series Dr. Savage explores the ins and outs of GMOs safety, food labeling, the collision of science and politics, the quackery of some of the big money supporters behind the initiative, and most importantly -- the real science behind this highly politicized initiative.

In the first installment Dr. Savage explains why labeling GMO food is illogical, unnecessary, and will raise costs for both farmers and consumers. Dr. Savage, a plant pathologist with extensive agricultural experience in the public and private sectors, explains why we’d have to restructure our entire grain commodity system if Proposition 37 is passed. He concludes with a common sense solution: if you don’t want to eat GMOs, buy “organic”:

It’s a lot more practical to just label the very small amount [of foods that have no GMO content] that somebody has gone to all of that work to keep separate rather than to try to be doing some sort of tracking over the entire system… People are allowed to make those claims of non-GMO even though there is no safety reason.


Be sure to watch as we post the succeeding installments in the coming weeks!