Lindsay Mitchell

Nov 30, 2012  |  Today's News

AAA issued a call to legislators today that they should slow the movement of E15 to the marketplace saying that motorists are too confused about the fuel and will ruin their engines when misfueling. Illinois Corn believes the attack on domestically produced fuel to be misguided at best. 

According to an article in the USA Today based on AAA’s release, “the sale and use of E15 should be stopped until there is more-extensive testing, better pump labels to safeguard consumers and more consumer education about potential hazards.”

Illinois Corn, the ethanol industry, and the U.S. government believe otherwise.

“We have a label that effectively relays information to the consumer about the type of fuel and the approved vehicles that is displayed wherever E15 is sold. We also have data that supports E15 as a safe, environmentally-friendly alternative to E10 for cars model years 2001 and newer. The information released by AAA today and in the USA Today article is incorrect according to what the U.S. Department of Energy determined during their testing,” said Illinois Corn Growers Association President Paul Taylor.

Illinois Corn continues to encourage government agencies, legislators, associations, and even general motorists to consider the facts instead of making decisions based on fear tactics. There is a significant body of research that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency considered when making the ruling to allow E15. Consumers should feel confident that the data supports the use of E15, whether or not the media encourages fear about using more of the domestically produced fuel.