Lindsay Mitchell

Nov 05, 2012  |  Today's News

The Illinois Corn Marketing Board is currently accepting applications for spring and summer interns.  This is part of our effort to provide meaningful agricultural experience to college students and encourage investment in the industry as well as utilize college students to boost the image of the Illinois farmer.

Applications for spring 2013 social media and video production internships are due on December 7, with interviews being held in Bloomington, IL between December 10 and 19, 2012.

Social media interns with the Illinois Corn Marketing Board are encouraged to promote agriculture via various social media outlets.  Each intern receives an application to focus on (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or blog) and generates a fan base and content for their application to promote the work of corn farmers and the image of agriculture. 

Social media interns are compensated for their semester of work, but the experience should also be viewed as an online portfolio of work to be included on a resume or during a job interview.  Interns can expect to learn more about their social media application as well as techniques for building readership and interactions with fans/followers.

ICMB will also offer a video production internship in 2012.  The intern filling this opportunity will assist ICMB staff in the completion of farmer profile videos like those found here and here

ICMB summer communications internships focus around the production of videos, managing social media applications, and performing other communications tasks as needed over the summer.  ICMB also offers an Ag in the Classroom summer internship, allowing college students to gain educational experiences talking about corn production and corn farmers.

And finally, the ICMB summer Legislative Internship allows students with an interest in politics and lobbying to gain further insight into how an association completes both tasks.  The Legislative intern will be managing a board lobbying trip to Washington, DC, job shadowing lobbyists in Springfield, IL, and coordinating fundraising events throughout the summer.

Please contact Lindsay Mitchell at for more information.