Tricia Braid

Jan 31, 2013  |  Today's News

We’ve heard from IL Corn farmers about how upsetting it is to see what really is nonsense being spread about ethanol. This is nothing new. What is new are the Big Oil Big Dollars that are being invested in the smear campaign. Expect to see more of it this weekend with the Big Game. 

From AAA (the American Automobile Association) to Fox News and now to USA Today, Big-Oil’s never ending pockets have funded flat-out false claims about ethanol. We’ve received word that this weekend you’re likely to find an ad making more false claims about ethanol and specifically E-15.

It’s time to take possession back on this ball and put on a good offense. That game starts with you. Here are a few points to remember when you enter into a discussion with someone about ethanol and E-15.

· E-15 is available as a CHOICE at only about 12 gas pumps nationwide at this point, it is NOT a mandate

· Regulatory hurdles have impeded E-15’s progress into the market

· Ford Motor Company and GM cover E-15 under warranty in their vehicles model year 2013 and newer

· E-15 came to market after previous manufacturers’ warranties had been determined regarding fuel, so the fuel had no way to enter into that warranty consideration process

· No warranty coverage DOES NOT equal a problem with the fuel

· The majority of vehicles driven are without original manufacturer warranty coverage due to mileage and age already…E-15 use can’t invalidate a warranty that’s already invalid

· E-15 is the most extensively tested fuel ever brought to market

· Despite the negative press, no one will be forced to use E-15 or other higher ethanol blends, and E-10 remains that most widely available “regular” fuel on the market

· Regular gasoline has contained 10% ethanol for nearly three decades now, with generations of drivers using ethanol successfully

· Oil companies produce 84 octane gasoline, then add ethanol to bring it up to the minimum specs for 87 octane, the minimum requirement for “regular” gasoline

· Over 95% of all gasoline in this country contains 10% ethanol

· Problems with gasoline more likely has to do with poor fuel on the oil companies’ side of thing…the ethanol molecule doesn’t change from one tank to the next, but the makeup of that unleaded gasoline does vary wildly

· Ethanol blends provide consumer choice and reduce costs at the pump

· Currently, ethanol is 45 cents cheaper than gasoline at wholesale levels, before blended