Tricia Braid

Feb 26, 2013  |  Today's News

Illinois corn farmers serving as delegates to the National Corn Growers Association’s ‘Corn Congress’ are preparing their positions on grassroots policies brought not only by Illinois, but farmers from other states, as well. 

Held in conjunction with the Commodity Classic meeting, ‘Corn Congress’ is the twice-yearly meeting of delegates representing member states in NCGA. Corn Congress will meet the morning of Feb 28 and also the afternoon of March 2, setting grassroots policy for NCGA.

Illinois Corn Growers Association, through its grassroots policy development process which began in November, 2012, has submitted more than 20 policies to be considered by the delegate body.

Presiding over this year’s Corn Congress is Illinois farmer Martin Barbre, from Carmi, who currently serves as NCGA First vice-president.