Becky Finfrock

Apr 03, 2013  |  Today's News

By now you may have heard the anti-biotech rhetoric regarding the so-called “Monsanto Protection Act.” It would appear, given the ill-informed arguments on this topic, that no one actually read the legislative provision in question. It’s meant to benefit farmers by limiting the reasons that the regulatory approval process for new biotech seeds takes so long. IL Corn follows regulatory issues like this closely and often such topics are the subject of advocating efforts on your behalf. 

This audio report is made available courtesy of DeAnna Thomas, AgriBusiness Director for WMBD/WIRL Radio in Peoria, IL. It features IL Corn’s Communications Director Tricia Braid.

Online resources regarding the “Monsanto Protection Act” or “Farmer Protection Act” include:

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Did Congress just give GMOs a free pass in the courts

Here’s a link to the actual continuing resolution document. The section in question is on page 78, Sec. 735, of this PDF on the issue