Lindsay Mitchell

Jul 15, 2013  |  Today's News

Illinois is expecting a heat wave this week, with a cooling trend starting next week and forecasted rain.  This weather looks to be the perfect recipe for the late pollinating corn within our state.

Due to the very late and wet spring in May this year, the crops were off to a slow start.  However, in much of the state, corn made it well past “knee-high by the fourth of July” and we can expect to see it shoot up even higher with the hot and humid weather this week.

(Speaking of Growing Degree Days, did you know you can download a Growing Degree Days calculator from Farm Progress on your Android or Apple device?)

Later next week, when the weather starts to cool and rain is forecasted, the corn should be just at pollination stage.  Essentially, this weather is almost exactly what the doctor ordered for our maturing corn, and should it work out as forecasted, adds one more level of certainty that this crop year will end much better than it began.

The USDA July 11 supply/demand report is projecting U.S. corn production 858 million bushels above the record set in 2009-’10. World corn stocks are expected to be the highest since 2001-’02.  With this nearly perfect weather, those forecasts are looking closer and closer to correct.