Tricia Braid

Aug 06, 2013  |  Today's News

Earlier today, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its final 2013 renewable fuel standard (RFS) renewable volume obligations (RVO). Illinois Corn Growers Association and Illinois Corn Marketing Board believe strongly that corn-kernel-starch ethanol should be considered part of the “advanced biofuels” segment and remains committed to providing the data to support that position.

The final figures are:

  • Biomass-based diesel – 1.28 billion gal; 1.13%
  • Advanced biofuels – 2.75 billion gal; 1.62%
  • Cellulosic biofuels – 6 million gal; 0.004%
  • Total renewable fuels – 16.55 billion gal

That leaves conventional biofuel, comprised mainly of corn-based ethanol, with 13.8 billion gallons.

The only change from what EPA proposed in January was for cellulosic biofuel.  EPA proposed that the cellulosic biofuel target would be 14 million gallons, down from the prescribed 1 billion gallons.

During the rulemaking, the EPA received comments from a number of stakeholders, including Illinois Corn Growers Association.

EPA is extending the 2013 compliance by four months until June 30, 2014, noting it will allow “obligated parties to take their 2014 obligations into consideration as they determine how to utilize RINs for 2013 compliance.”

As you’re meeting with your Congressional representative during the August recess, be sure to share that this recent rulemaking fully demonstrates that the RFS continues to work and provides the necessary flexibility to meet the demands of the law. Because of this flexibility, no legislative changes are necessary.