Lindsay Mitchell

Oct 20, 2014  |  Today's News

American Ethanol is in the spotlight during an 11 page feature in Roar!, a weekly race magazine. 

The article, which features commentary from National Corn Growers Association NASCAR Advisory Chairman and Nebraska farmer Jon Holzfaster and Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis, highlights the environmental and cost saving aspects of American Ethanol.  It also reminds consumers that they can demand and use the same E15 fuel that their favorite NASCAR drivers are using.

“I’ve heard folks say, that what these guys use to race on Sunday, we can use the same fuel all week, and that’s very true.  It’s the same 15 percent blend of ethanol that is available to consumers to use in their own cars … Very much a part of what we want to get across is that what’s being used on the track during the weekend can be used in your minivan all week long,” said Holzfaster.

Happily, this particular magazine which normally has a circulation of 750,000 avid race fans, will see increased views this week.  The publication will also be distributed by NASCAR partner Geico Insurance to all of its 7 million customers that have car insurance.

Your checkoff dollars are still hard at work, leveraging our NASCAR investment to bring positive ethanol news to millions of Americans.  These positive stories will also help increase ethanol sales where E15 is available, which impacts your market and pricing.

Check out the entire story here.