Tricia Braid

Dec 05, 2014  |  Today's News

Here at IL Corn we’ve been working for several months now to bring an ordinance to the City of Chicago that would make E15 available at more than 200 gas stations in the City. We know we’ll be successful. What’s the biggest clue to our impending success? Big Oil is nervous. Nervous enough to saturate the Chicago market with dirty-oil messages meant to scare consumers about ethanol and bully the City Council. You can help by signing a petition  addressed to the City Council and the Mayor.

The coalition called Clear the Air Chicago has been running an aggressive campaign to bring clean, renewable fuel to Chicagoans. With Big Oil working hard to keep the ordinance from coming to a vote next week, Clear the Air Chicago needs our help getting it across the finish line.

This isn’t the first time Chicago has had to stand up to Big Oil.

30 years ago, Chicago became the nation's first city to ban leaded gasoline. Almost 15 years ago, Chicago led the nation with a ban on gasoline mixed with MTBE -- a known carcinogen.

Today, Chicago is ready to lead again by providing drivers with a better choice when they fill up.

Right now, the Chicago City Council is in the final stages of considering the Clean Air Ordinance, which would provide Chicago consumers with a clean, renewable choice at the pump -- E15 gas. Using more Illinois-grown renewable fuel will mean more jobs for Illinois families and cleaner air and water for Chicago.

Tell the City Council to stand up to Big Oil and support Illinois jobs.

Giving consumers a choice at the pump will reduce our dependence on foreign oil, end oil spills like those in Lake Michigan and the Gulf of Mexico, and put an end to the tar sands that have already polluted Chicago’s air.

Sign the petition.