Lindsay Mitchell

Mar 13, 2015  |  Today's News

You’ve got two and a half weeks to make your final Farm Bill 2014 decisions.  Do you have your appointment with the local Farm Service Agency office yet?

March 31 is the new extended deadline for you to both update your yield and base acre decisions and make your program selections.

Don’t make the mistake of taking the default option.  For most Illinois farmers, updating base acres and program yields to reflect the most corn acres will do a better job of protecting you against risky situations and guaranteeing revenue levels that will keep your farm afloat.

Does the bill seem too complicated?

Check out these resources that will help you better understand the decisions you need to make by March 31.

FARM BILL CALCULATOR: download this tool to input information about your farm and your future outlook to determine the decisions that will work best for you.

IL CORN WEBINAR: This recording of the Farm Bill webinar held in late January can help you better understand the options ahead of you.

OUR FARM BILL HEADQUARTERS: We have listed many resources, articles, and ideas for you to consider when making these decisions.  Check them all out here!