Tricia Braid

Mar 04, 2016  |  Today's News

From microbes to honey bees, from unmanned aerial systems to measuring sustainability, from global weather patterns to a more efficient office space—the line-up of Learning Center Sessions at the 2016 Commodity Classic offers a wide range of topics designed to help farmers become even better in every aspect of their operations. Corn farmers from across the country are headed to the 2016 Commodity Classic this week, and it promises to be the biggest ever, with the largest trade show in event history and record attendance.

Learning Center sessions are in-depth discussions of current issues and topics that have a direct impact on a farmer’s productivity and profitability. Learning Center Sessions complement the other educational experiences at Commodity Classic including the Early Riser Marketing Sessions, What’s New Sessions. Mini What’s New Sessions and the new AG CONNECT Main Stage on the trade show floor.

This year’s Learning Center sessions include the following presentations:

•“Will Microbes Lead the Next Yield Revolution?” which will highlight advances in technology related to plant-microbe interactions and how microbes can be used to increase plant health and reduce the need for additional inputs.

•“Farm Different to Break Through Yield Barriers” will feature a panel of progressive growers sharing their use of specific cultural and management practices to farm differently for higher yields.

•“Hot Topics from Our Nation’s Capital 2016” features a panel of DC insiders discussing what’s hot in Congress and regulatory agencies.

•“The Bee Understanding Project” will explain the initiative to improve communication and collaboration between beekeepers, crop advisors, seed companies, farmers and others who are important in the health of honey bees.

•“Precision Farming from Above: The Future of Satellite Technology on the Farm” will explore the latest breakthroughs in crop health monitoring and remote sensing technology.

•“New Mode of Action in Soybeans” will provide information for better decision-making in weed management and improving the health of soybean fields.

•“Amplifying Agriculture’s Authentic Voices: Project 155” will outline ways in which farmers can comfortably connect with consumers and have conversations that impact the way people view modern farms.

•“The Future of Fuel” will provide an update on cellulosic ethanol production and a program designed to expand the flex fuel infrastructure and increase demand for American Ethanol.

•“Measuring & Reporting Sustainability on the Farm: Progress and Challenges” will feature a diverse panel discussing the metrics and information required to meet consumers’ interest in the sustainability of the products they use.

•“Agronomic Strategies to Improve Soybean Yields” will provide the latest agronomic strategies to break through the soybean yield ceiling.

•“Workspace Rescue: Organize Your Office” will outline ways to turn your farm office space into a productive oasis instead of a stressful, clutter-strewn mess.

 •“Straight Talk about Robotic Aircraft on Your Farm in 2016” will feature the current rules and regulations governing unmanned aerial systems and how these systems can help in a farming operation.

•“Judging the Forest, Watching the Trees” is a complete look at current weather and soil moisture conditions in the U.S. and around the globe—and how these conditions may affect commodity markets.

•“Healthy Soils, Happy Farmers:  Reshaping 21st Century Conservation Management for Sustainability and Prosperity” will highlight the activities of the Soil Health Partnership and how farmers are improving soil health, increasing prosperity and reducing environmental impact.