Lindsay Mitchell

May 09, 2016  |  Today's News

Illinois has planted less acreage today than a year ago, according to today’s Crop Progress Report published weekly by the USDA.

Illinois farmers have 78 percent of the corn in the ground, compared to 83 percent on May 8, 2015.  But farmers are way ahead of the game compared to a five year average of 56 percent planted.

Emergence in Illinois is exceptionally high this year due to the early and ideal planting conditions.  Illinois corn is 46 percent emerged, compared to 34 percent emerged in 2015, and a five year average on this date of 27 percent emerged.

Illinois is considerably ahead of the national averages of 64 percent planted and 27 percent emerged.

With rain predicted this week for most of Illinois, it is likely to see the planted acres percentages stall this week.

The next Crop Progress Report will be published on May 16.